Stage Coach Rides


approx 40 hour

Runs April - October ( As long as there is no snow ) 

The Stagecoach

can hold up to 4 adults. Experience what it felt like to travel across country in a stagecoach


Come Join us on a Scenic Stagecoach ride through the wilderness of Northern Michigan pulled by two beautiful draft horses! We have 110 acres of private land that we ride on. We also offer a Wild Stagecoach ride through the wilderness where you will need to keep an eye out for those stagecoach robbers!

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages ( NO glass ). We can stop at our picnic location for a small break so you can enjoy your snacks and give the horses a rest ( Please note this on booking) 

There are two different options 


In the Summer months we recommend applying bug spray as they can be a nuisance on the trail.

Rider requirements

All Riders are required to Sign a Liability Release form. A Parent or Legal Guardian MUST sign for a minor.