Our Team






Foaled April 8, 1995

Buster is the Heart of CJ's Stable. I have had him since I was 2 yrs old. Buster was actually born in the field in a Thunder Storm ( Ironically his mothers name was Thunder ). He was carried up to the barn from the field and has been the Family ever since. He gets such a thick shaggy coat in the winter and looks so sleek in the summer. Buster has a very loving personality and is used as one of our kids horses/light adults he is excited to meet you all and take many of you on your first trail ride!


California Red


Sorrel Tennessee Walker (Mix)

Foaled 1995

Storm was a rescued horse. He has been in our family since 2003. He is a Genuine Sweet heart. Storm is blind in his Right eye but is one of our best trail horses. When storm First came him and buster became instant best friends. Storm has a lot of energy for being a senior horse but he definitely has his own personality. Storm does get a cough once in a while which is from his heaves ( Kind of like Asthma)


Reg: Once Apon a Time


Bay Thoroughbred

Foaled May 1, 1995 in Washington

Daisy Girl is a gentle old sole but once you get on her back she is ready to go. We love to see here spirits high. When we got daisy she was extremely underweight. She has an old bowed tendon injury as well as bad arthritis. She receives joint injections and has been cleared for light trail rides which we are very excited about because daisy loves to venture out.



Grulla Quarter Horse

Foaled 2002

Beau is the most relaxed horse I have ever met, He is suitable for any rider, his only downfall is he is always hungry haha. When we first got Beau it was thought he was much younger ( 2006) but he always enjoyed hanging around with Buster and relaxing. Beau gets a very long shaggy coat like Buster in the winter his color changes a bit too, then once summer comes he has this gorgeous grulla color. Absolutely Stunning. Beau is also used as one of our kids horses.



Sorrel Belgian

Foaled 2003

Oh Henry, I am not certain I even have the words to describe this horse. He is everything wrapped into one. He is a lover. Henry is truly an oversized puppy. He will follow me around doing chores and is always looking to see what I am doing. He is the gentlest draft I think I have ever met. Henry came from Starry Skies Rescue. Henry is used as one of our beginner riding horses as well as pulls our sleighs and carriages.





Sorrel Belgian

Foaled approx 2009

Chev was rescued from a kill pen last year he was underweight and very nervous of people he would flinch and the slightest movement . He was listed as broke to ride and drive, not only due to being under weight but once he was picked up it was noticed he had a suspensory ligament injury in both back legs which means he should not be driving.

The vet has cleared Chev for light trail riding based off how Chev Feels.

Chev did put his weight on quickly which was nice. He has the biggest heart but is still building his trust with people. He loves attention. Getting brushed and hugs he is literally the sweetest horse and would do anything he is asked.

Chev's hair. Oh my goodness, to say I am obsessed is an understatement. His long mane and bangs. LOVE










RIP Sweet Girl



Passed 2021

Dolly. She had high energy and was so easy to connect with. She was nervous but if she trusted you then she would do what was asked of her. Such a sweet girl.

Dolly passed away from leukemia which our vet said was extremely rare and the first horse he had seen with this type of cancer.




Foaled 2003

Passed Jan 13, 2022

Dancer was a beautiful girl with the perfect personality. Loving, gentle, a little bossy to Henry, sweet, kind, with just the right amount of mare sass.

She was loved by everyone she came in contact with. Dancer had a huge heart and loved the trails (as long as she had Henry by her side) So many of you have had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful trails with Dancer. She’s been many peoples first horse ride as well as pulled many families in the sleigh/wagon through the trails.

Henry and Dancer were truly the perfect team. She of course was the boss. Although she was bonded with Henry, Wayne and her became very close, he followed her around like she was his mother.

Dancer will always be in our hearts and forever missed.



Sorrel Belgian


She is the sweetest sole I think I have met truly one of a kind. Her and Henry have pulled many times together. They have been a good match, well learning to be, they do have their differences. Henry thinks it's ok to bite and she doesn't put up with that haha. Penny also joins us on trail rides. Penny does anything you ask of her even if she is nervous. She is a very trusting horse and a lover. She is truly stunning.



Minatare Donkey


Minature Donkey


Minature Horse







Garfield (Blissa)