Equilix PI

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Equilix PI - Performance Intake


EquiLix® Performance Intake “PI” is SweetPro® Premium Supplement’s all-in-one free choice equine lick block. Our no molasses/no starch block uses Distiller Dried Grains with solubles (DDGs), Condensed Distiller Solubles (CDS) and flax meal to deliver fiber, fat, protein and complex carbohydrate energy to your horse. EquiLix also features a complete vitamin, mineral and trace mineral program featuring biotin, vitamin E, and organic forms of zinc, copper and manganese.

To enhance digestive performance, EquiLix includes SweetPro’s yeast culture prebiotic blend, ProBiotein®. ProBiotein features fermentation metabolites, multiple prebiotic fibers, protein isolates, yeast and Omega 3 fatty acids. The components support the horse’s digestive system to more efficiently digest forages for better nutrient uptake and utilization. Designed to minimize the need for a wide variety of supplements, EquiLix supports immune system efficiency by enhancing the horse’s digestive tract microbiome.

EquiLix PI in the distinctive pink tubs is designed with less intake control. EquiLix PI is meant to encourage higher intake to deliver additional nutrition for horses with above normal activity levels or to enhance performance for competition. EquiLix PI can also be used when intake of EquiLix decreases due to improved forage or ration quality.

EquiLix PI comes in two sizes. The 50 lb block is suitable for 1-2 horses and the 125 lb block works for larger groups, 4-5 horses.

EquiLix PI is also available with garlic.

Here's what you can expect with EquiLix:

  • Digestion supported

  • Supports excellent feed efficiency

  • Supports resistance to colicing

  • Shiny, healthy hair coat supported

  • Strong, solid hooves supported

  • Better lubricity of joints supported

  • Strength and endurance supported

  • Temperament supported

  • Hard-keepers gain weight

  • Bright clear eyes supported

  • Overall health supported