Basic Trail Ride Lesson



15 Minutes 


This is a beginner lesson in the round pen where the rider can learn the basics prior to their trail ride

-Tack up our horse




-and more!

This lesson is to help prepare the rider to feel more confident on a trail ride.

The lesson is approx 15 minutes. 


For your safety Helmets are required and are provided by CJ's Stable. If you do have your own helmet you are welcome to bring your own ASTM F1163-Standard and SEI-certified helmet. (Winter- Wear a thin hat to fit under the helmet, make sure your hat does not have a yarn ball on top)


In the Summer months we recommend applying bug spray as they can be a nuisance on the trail.

Long pants are recommended as it can be more comfortable in the saddle but they are not required

Rider requirements

Closed-toe shoes are required ( no sandals or flip flops)

All Riders are required to Sign a Liability Release form. A Parent or Legal Guardian MUST sign for a minor.

All Rides are weather permitting. If the Weather is Stormy, 85+ Degrees, Icy Etc your Ride will be rescheduled.

If you have any special requests or questions please do not hesitate to ask. Call/Text 231-884-9975